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Documents To Bring

All taxpayers are required to show documents showing proof of residency for all dependents. Documents include, Landlord or Property Management Statement, School Records or Statement, Medical Records, Child Care provider records, and or Social Service Records or Statement.
  1. Social security numbers and dates of birth for all family members.
  2. W-2 forms, 1099 forms and other documents that indicate income received.
  3. Amounts withdrawn from 401-k plans.
  4. Amounts paid for child care or adult care with caregiver name, address and SSN or EIN.
  5. Home mortgage interest and taxes.
  6. Medical expenses paid including medical insurance.
  7. The amount of sales tax paid on autos or boats.
  8. Home address, telephone number and email address.
  9. Amount of interest earned from savings and checking.
  10. Contributions made to IRA’s by you.
  11. Contributions made to churches and charities.
  12. Statement of tuition paid to colleges or universities.
  13. Number of miles driven for charitable purposes.
  14. If you have a small business, bring your expenses and income.
  15. Routing and account number if you want your refund deposited.
  16. A method of paying for services provided.